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Manifesto for education released

Ahead of the Assembly election, Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) has released a series of demands here to all political parties to strengthen government schools and ensure quality and free education in the State.

“A majority of government schools lack adequate infrastructure and teachers. There is a conscious effort by successive governments to privatise education, which we strongly condemn,” said D. Sundar, State secretary of the TNSF, at a meeting on Friday.

He added that weakening of government schools, accompanied by unrestrained growth of private institutions, had deteriorated the quality of education in the State. “The number of Inspectors of Matriculation Schools is grossly inadequate to monitor the large number of matriculation schools,” he said.

Regarding higher education, the forum said that stringent action should be taken to stop rampant corruption. “There is corruption in appointment at every level, right from that of Vice-Chancellor,” said S. Krishnaswamy, former senior professor of Madurai Kamaraj University.


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