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Chennai to witness 20 per cent eclipse at sunrise

Chennai: At sunrise on Wednesday, Chennai residents will be able to witness a 20 per cent eclipse of the total solar eclipse that is set to occur tomorrow across the globe. The eclipse will be visible for a span of around 27 minutes from 6.21 am to 6.48 am.

“The shadow of the moon will hide the sun fully, but in Chennai, a partial eclipse of the east side of the sun will be visible to humans with a naked eye, following the sunrise on Wednesday,” said R. Parthsarathy, scientific officer, IGCAR (Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research)

He added that at the beginning one can witness it without any extra care for the eyes, but once the sun is above the horizon, it is best to use darkened glasses with filters. Parts of Tamil Nadu will witness the partial eclipse during the period from 6:20 am to 6:30 am.

“It would be best visible from the sea side, and children should be made aware of the scientific reasons behind such happenings as such solstice events are to be enjoyed,” said Udhayan, state secretary of the Tamil Nadu Science Forum. He added that a number of rumours is amok that one shouldn’t eat or bathe during an eclipse, but they are plain superstitions. The eclipse on Wednesday will be visible partially to parts of India and Indonesia.

Solar eclipse
Chennai – 6: 21 am
Kanyakumari – 6:31 am

Lunar eclipse on March 23 will not be quite visible to the naked eye, as it will be a penumbral eclipse so people might not know that a lunar eclipse happened

Thanks to: Deccan Chronicle

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